SOURCEWORK, based in Boston, Massachusetts, began in 2015 as a collaborative project with the goal of singing music of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries from original notation. We are diverse group made up of singers, teachers, organists, and musicologists, with a wide array of backgrounds and training. At the start, we had no stated objective beyond a new approach to a familiar repertoire.

As the project continued over two years, we became increasingly convinced of source-singing as an investigative method into the practice of this repertoire, which is encoded into notation very differently from our own modern editions. The reliance upon the ear and familiarity with the style required by choirbook and partbook formats, the inconsistency of text underlay and accidentals, and the paucity of such practical aids as measure numbers or rehearsal marks have challenged our collective experience of vocal ensemble music making, and we believe that these and other aspects of the project have given us greater insight into the priorities—and possibilities—of performance in the period. In addition to the concerts below, SOURCEWORK has participated in masterclasses with Joshua Rifkin (The Bach Ensemble/Boston University), Stratton Bull (Cappella Pratensis/Alamire Foundation), Crawford Young (Schola Cantorum, Basel), and Donald Greig (Orlando Consort/Tallis Scholars).

The integration public performance into our project introduced new concern with exactitude, artistry, and consistency, enhancing the project and our engagement with the sources as performers. SOURCEWORK, after its concert debut alongside the renowned Boston Camerata in March 2017, has since presented two full-length concert programs for audiences across New England. In addition, we have recorded the Missa Inclina Domine of Philippe Rogier, currently in production. In the summer of 2018, SOURCEWORK undertook its first tour, performing in York and Cambridge, and providing one of the concerts at the annual Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference hosted by Maynooth University in Ireland. SOURCEWORK has also presented lecture-recitals at Boston University and Boston College. We are excited to prepare a new program for the spring of 2019, and are currently planning future tours and lecture-recitals.

If you are interested in booking SOURCEWORK for a concert, lecture-recital, or other event, please view our booking document here, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!